Workshop on Covid-19 and Midwifery

Workshop on Covid-19 and Midwifery

Workshop on Covid-19 and Midwifery

In the context of the 'SafeMa: Education Hubs for Excellence in Midwifery' project, ReadLab organized an online workshop on ‘Covid-19 and midwifery’ on the 14th of October 2022 with distinguished experts from the fields of health, and midwifery.

The workshop was addressed to all Interested parties from EU and Asian countries, and especially to the Safema partners and their students. Participants were invited to join the event via ZOOM and to learn more about the following topics:

  • Midwifery during Covid-19: Giving birth at Home
  • How Covid-19 has enhanced breastfeeding
  • Mothercare and Covid-19: Mental Health issues.
  • Maternal health in limited resources environments
  • Etc.

The webinar has been recorded and all enrolled users of the Safema VLE can have access to the experts’ topics/presentations in this course